National reserve

Kakamega forest is the only tropical rainforest in Kenya that use to stretch from West Africa to East Africa in Western Kenya.

Kakamega forest national reserve is very unique with alot of wildlife that allow you to explore on foot, hiking watching birds, butterflies, very old massive rain forest trees, massive strangler fic trees and primates.

Guided tours in Kakamega forest enable you at first hand to enjoy all these with Professional tour guides who will explain, interpret the tropical rainforest biodiversity including; birds, primates, medicinal plants, butterflies and cultural activities.

Forest reserve being dence tropical rainforest in Kenya, it has over 360 species of birds, 7 species of primates, over 510 species of butterflies, over 1000 species of plants including woody trees, vines, orchids, ferns, shrubs and harbs. Kakamega forest also it has many species of mashrooms that are unique and colourful.

On request you will enjoy entertainment, traditional Luyhia dance known as Isukuti (Mwana wa mbeli), Luyhia talk and story telling in the evening after dinner in the campsite or guest house at a fee.

Kakamega forest is located in Western Kenya, Kakamega county 418 KM from Nairobi city, 50km from Kisumu city and 18km from Kakamega town to Kakamega forest station.

Kakamega rainforest it has three gates but having two main gates that are mostly accessble by tourists this Kakamega forest station and Kakamega forest national reserve, Buyangu. Another gate is Kibiri forest station in Vihiga county.

There is Accommodation and Camping site where you can stay few days as you enjoy Kakamega forest national reserve.

These accommodation are Isecheno Forest rest house, Isecheno KEEP Bandas, Isecheno Camping site and Rondo retreat centre.

Getting in Kakamega forest, If you are coming from Kakamega town you can take Taxi or Motorbike through Shinyalu to Isecheno Forest station.

Or if you are coming from Kisumu, take matatu to Khayega market on your way to Kakamega town, then From Khayega take Motobike from here to Kakamega Isecheno Forest Station.

Kakamega forest Operating Hours

The park is open 365 days a year, even holidays, from 8am till 6pm.

It is possible to arrive earlier for a sunrise walk, or to come for a night walk, but please book ahead of time.

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